Erie Elementary celebrating its 50th anniversary

A lot has changed since Charlie Garcia started teaching 40 years ago at Erie Elementary School, from technology to clothes styles to teaching methods.

But wasn’t hasn’t changed, the fourth-grade teacher said, is the kids and their families’ support for the school.

“The kids are still coming in ready to learn, full of ideas, loving school,” he said. “The community is still very supportive.”

Garcia, who’s retiring at the end of the school year, will be one of the speakers at Saturday’s Erie Elementary School 50th anniversary celebration. Other teachers attended the school as students, then returned to teach — including one who was a student the year the school opened.

For Saturday’s event, the school is inviting current and former students, families and staff members for a picnic, slideshow, tours and speakers.

“We’re hoping as many people can come as possible,” said Lauren Eker, who has served as the school’s principal for three years “We’re super excited. It’s changed a lot since it opened in 1966.”

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Erie Elementary School