School Overview

Mission and Vision

Erie Elementary is a community that nurtures academic excellence and promotes lifelong learning through engaging STEM- focused instruction.


The town of Erie was founded, settled, and incorporated several years before Colorado became a state and was once home to coal mines, railroads, and agriculture. Situated near the center of town is Erie Elementary School, home of the “Tigers.”

School Focus

At Erie Elementary, a strong sense of commitment and enthusiasm prevails among the staff as they strive to work together with parents, the community, and each other to help each child be successful both academically and socially. Specifically, the school’s goals are centered around reading, writing and mathematics.

To meet these goals, instructional decisions are based on the continual gathering of data throughout the year. A professional learning community exists within the building that allows staff members to meet weekly to examine lessons and resulting student work and assessment data. The result is classroom instruction that is engaging, thoughtful, and changes to meet the varying needs of the children.

Achieving Academic Success

Achieving academic success for all students involves a wide variety of instructional tools, strategies, and programs that include:

  • Literacy lab that provides small group instruction daily for those students in kindergarten through grade 2 who are below grade level.
  • Buddy mentoring. Students in the intermediate grades periodically meet with primary students to mentor and tutor.

What Makes Erie Unique

Small town community feeling. The school is the center of the community.

A Parent Teacher Community Organization (PTCO) that seeks and implements resources in order to assist and improve the areas of communication, academic excellence, and school unity for the benefit of every child at Erie Elementary.

A preschool and full day kindergarten programs.

Before/After School Activities

Outside the school day the school is bustling with activity. Enrichment programs are offered throughout the year.

Tigger Time: a before (7:00-9:00 a.m.) and after (3:30-6:00 p.m.) school day care program is in place and provides a variety of creative activities and social interactions for students. The SVVS Community Schools program also provides “no school” day care at various locations throughout the district. (other than holidays).

Feeder Pattern

Students leaving Erie Elementary School will attend Erie Middle School and then move on to Erie High School.

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