Larrissa Mangione

Staff Department
Academic Support
As an Erie graduate, teaching here at Erie Elementary is my dream job and my
forever school.  I started my journey in the classroom when I was in high school as a 
volunteer in Mrs. Delany’s class here at Erie Elementary!!!! I knew then, that 
teaching was my calling and I started off my lifelong path to the classroom.  Now I 
look forward to the day that my son, who just turned one, will become an Erie 
As a learning specialist, I have a very special and unique role. I have the amazing 
opportunity to promote children’s’ strengths while closing their educational gaps. 
My classroom is a place of learning and community where children are celebrated 
for being themselves. Growth is not measured soley on academic gains, rather social 
and emotional connections as well.
  • BS: Generalist special education and Elementary general education
  • MS: Literacy Instruction and Curriculum Secondary 
  • Erie Middle/Senior High 2002
  • University of Northern Colorado 2007
  • Grand Canyon University 2010
  • Erie Middle School 2008-2010
  • Trail Ridge Middle School 2010-2014
  • Erie Elementary 2014-Current